Thursday, September 28, 2017

And Then Today...

The switch flipped and the monster awoke in my head.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Coming Soon to the CP (Special Edition Blog Director's Cut)

Due to various reasons I have not been blogging for about a year.
It all started last year, around this time, when my computer died.  I didn't get it up and running again until late in October and by that time it was too late to take part in the annual Countdown to Halloween blog group.  I was sad, but these things happen.
I will be in it this year, so if anybody is left that reads this blog, do please check out my fellow bloggers when I put up the official badge for this year.  There is always lots of quality content and a good time for everyone, no matter your taste.
As long as you are remotely interested in Halloween, I mean.

As it is just now Labor Day Weekend I won't be posting any Halloween content yet, but rest assured that acolytes of the CP are hard at work to bring you the best Halloween content that can be put on the internet*.

So here's a mask I found at Party City on the first of September as they began to populate their shelves.
So nice.

And this official, licensed Jaws mask, which is awesome but likely impossible to wear.
Full head mask?  No, really?  Is that bit of text even necessary?  
What can be said about this piece of latex art?
Full head mask.  I can go full head mask.  Come on down and chum some of this shit.

I'm sure you haven't selected a pumpkin yet, but when you do, keep it lit.

*Okay, by acolytes I mean "me" and by "best" I mean the best content I am capable of producing.**

**Okay, by "capable of producing" I really mean "willing to produce".***

***The previous two footnotes have been official disclaimers.  The management of the Celtic Pumpkin makes no guarantees of any claims to quality or content.