Friday, February 24, 2012

Rex Rumble, Super Hero

I play DC Universe Online off and on.  I am not committed to it and play for free, which means I only get 2 characters.  I kept making and deleting characters to try out different specs and powers and such.  What I finally decided was that I needed a character that could be easily modded, since gaining new costume bits is fun.  If I go to great lengths to design the perfect costume, like in Champions, I will become annoyed when a new piece of gear replaces it.  The ability to alter the style, that is, keep a look while equipping a new piece of gear, means you can have variation when and if you want it.
Which is what led to Rex Rumble.

I didn't really want a bunch of crazy powers.  I fancy the older Golden and early Silver Age heroes when a few powers, toned down, were the norm.
I think the domino mask is what really sells it.  Nothing says HERO like a domino mask.

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