Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Walking Dead had it's second season finale tonight.  We watched it, then we watched Talking Dead for the first time.
Now I've been enjoying WD this season.  The zombie action has been good, the character relationships developing nicely and the
I stopped reading the comic very early on because it annoyed/bored me, and I have expressed that season 1 of WD was horrible in my eyes.
So how do I feel about season 2?
I like Daryl.  Yeah, there are good characters and bad characters and I enjoyed the deaths of both Dale and Shane, but I can't stand watching seemingly intelligent people do stupid things over and over again just for the sake of drama.
But I do like Daryl.
So what I saw was a zombie overrun of the farm with Rick and Carl showing some inspired work on the barn and Daryl cowboying up.  Oh and some other stuff.
I understand everyone is getting all excited about the introduction of a "fan favorite" character from the comics who popped up at the last minute in the finale.  (I only know this "fan favorite" business because of Talking Dead, as I said, I stopped reading the comics early on)
What is really important here is:
1) Rick over the edge.  Yeah!  Shut those whiners the fuck up with your bad self.
2) Daryl still kicks ass.
As long as number 2 stays a factor in season 3 then WD will be 1.

Keep your citronella candles lit (zombies and mosquitoes hate citronella)!

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