Friday, August 17, 2012

Roman Mummies?

Last night I fought Roman Mummies in Egypt.

Which is pretty cool, really.

Dig it.


  1. I like the Roman Zombies. I enjoyed looking at many of the images you have up so far. Not sure if I'm ready to play it or not, but it is certainly more original than most anything out there. It has a blend of fantasy with the modern. Rural Maine to historic Egypt, eh? Is your name Zack McKracken?

    1. Should be, eh?
      I found your original comment in my comment spam folder for no readily apparent reason. I saved it.
      Yay me.
      The Roman Mummies were pretty cool, but only a small part. Mostly we fight cultists who look an awful lot like partisan insurgents, giant scorpions, sandy golems, and the odd ghul.

  2. I added comments here at work but apparently they didn't save. That's very frustrating.