Sunday, January 11, 2015

Not A Paladin

Carries a sword.  Smites the wicked.  Defends the weak.  Powered by faith.  Wears heavy armor.  Carries a shield.
Not a paladin?
A cleric.
My first, to be exact.
Well my first not in a video game.

Rex de Rumble, cleric of Torm the True, the Loyal Fury.  Righter of Wrongs, for a modest fee.  Leader of Free Drinks Party of Four, if you are in trouble, and you can find the Chestnut Mare, they can help.  Bah buh bah bah, bah bah bah, ditty bom bom bom bah, BAH bah buh bah BAH...


  1. So, they started letting clerics carry swords now? Good. Swords were always my preferred tool of smiting. I've been out of gaming so long, I no longer keep track of what they're doing.

    1. Well strictly speaking the option has existed since AD&D 2nd edition via the specific mythoi concept of using your god's weapon of choice. However it was 3rd edition that did away with the "only bludgeoning weapons" rule and replaced it with the simple weapons rule. 3rd divided weapons into categories, simple, martial, exotic, and then melee and ranged categories of those. Clerics knew simple weapons, which did not include swords, but through selection of feats (see Pathfinder, dong sucking game system for more information) and such a Cleric could use a sword. 5e D&D starts all Clerics with simple weapons but various domains (formerly spell spheres) provide different abilities. The War domain provides use of Martial Weapons (into which group the swords fall) and Heavy Armor (into which group Plate falls).

    2. And knowing is half the battle. The other half is turning undead.