Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Coming Home To Roost

When you live in this part of Virginia, right on the coast, you find that two birds mingle in the parking lots: seagulls and crows.

The crows are back.  They've been back for at least a week now.  They bring with them thoughts of Autumn harvest...

Except it is so hot and muggy here you can't even imagine Autumn.

Oh, and we've got these sharks...

You might have seen something about it in the news.


  1. As you know, we've no lack of crows here in Alabama, seagulls only around Mobile. So, what's up with the sharks? Anything unusual going on there?

    1. Not unusual in the sense that there are sharks in the ocean, people go in, sharks sometimes bite them, no. Just seems to be that June was full of it this year.

    2. I'm not a big water person, anyway, but that makes me want to stick to swimming pools.