Friday, July 8, 2011

Halloween comes early this year apparently

Dateline: 8 JULY 2011, 6:45 AM EDT
Location: Wawa, Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA
Item of interest: Gummy WereWolves
Pic courtesy of the Ferrera Pan company website...not the actual product but a the actual product the candy pieces are not so easily seen
This morning I entered the Wawa near the place where I work, something I do rarely, maybe once every 3 or 4 months, and as I made my way to the back to get a soda I passed the seasonal candy endcap.  A collection of mostly useless junk: some 'Mater teeth from Cars 2, Hello Kitty candy necklace, Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Gummy Vampires, Gummy Werewolves, Gummy Sharks...STOP...go back a bit.
Gummy Worms?
No, after that.
Gummy Sharks?
No.  Cool, but no.  Between those...
Gummy Vampires and Gummy Werewolves?  In July?
Obviously I could not resist purchasing these gummy treats.  I am not a huge gummy fan, but I do love me some werewolves.  The packaging caught my eye as it is very nice.  The two werewolves look good with the blood dripping off their fangs and claws.  The bloody "WereWolves" written on the package is nice too.
For shapes there are 3: a wolf paw, a werewolf head, and little werewolf hunched over.  There are 3 flavors as well: blood orange, gruesome grape and spooky strawberry.  Obviously the naming conventions for the grape and strawberry are meant to convey the monster nature of it.  Convenient that blood orange is a real fruit.
As for taste they are good.  Ferrera Pan's Black Forest brand gummies are quality products always and these are no exception.  The spooky strawberry is the sweetest with the gruesome grape have a strong scent and flavor.  The blood orange flavor is subtle and tart.
I did not try the "Juicy Oozers Gummy Vampires" as I don't dig on oozing candy, but I can offer the following information:
The Gummy Vampires come in 4 shapes and 4 flavors.  The described flavors are blood orange (described above), scary cherry melon, wicked watermelon lime, and bewitched berry.  I can't imagine what these flavors taste like, but the naming theme is still pretty Halloween oriented. 
Pic courtesy of Ferrera Pan website...if this pic is anything to go by the contents include screaming faces, coffins, rolling stones logos and bat medallions?
The packaging, which you can see above, is a little too 'sexy' for a candy, I think.  Rather than use a cartoon vampire (like in the Gummy WereWolves) Ferrera Pan has opted for a pale woman's mouth, befanged and dripping blood.  The castle in the background is a very nice touch though.  The label says "juicy cherry centers", which is suggestive of, and supposed to be blood, no doubt.  I probably won't try them, but I still appreciate the effort.

So Halloween comes a little early this year thanks to Ferrera Pan and my local Wawa.  I can't complain as I love the holiday and I enjoy theme and seasonal candies.  I am a little confused that an item so seasonal should come out in July, but maybe it has something to do with Twilight or somesuch.  Check 'em out if you like gummy candies and if you try the Gummy Vampires, please let me know how they are.

Until next time, and until they make gummy Jack O Lanterns, keep your pumpkins lit.


  1. Man I have to find me some Gummy Werewolves and Gummy Vampires stat!!