Friday, July 15, 2011

Halloween comes early this year apparently UPDATE

Today (15 July 2011) I obtained the Gummy Vampires for Frau Punkinstein and we have partaken of them.  Reference my original post Halloween Comes Early This Year Apparently for the pre-taste information.
In that brilliant post I said, "The Gummy Vampires come in 4 shapes and 4 flavors.  The described flavors are blood orange (described above), scary cherry melon, wicked watermelon lime, and bewitched berry.  I can't imagine what these flavors taste like, but the naming theme is still pretty Halloween oriented. "
As of today, I can, in fact, imagine what these flavors taste like.  I mean, I've tasted them.  So really I can describe them to you, which I will do now.
Blood Orange: same as the werewolf blood orange.  A little sweeter due to the gush of cherry juicy ooze.
Scary Cherry Melon: I like this one.  I don't detect the melon, but the cherry flavor is nice and when the cherry ooze in the center comes out, well in that case it is a sweeter flavor but basically the same.
Wicked Watermelon Lime:  I don't like this one.  The melon is a bit off to me and once the cherry ooze hit I was not happy.  It looked cool in the coffin shape as I could see the red center through the pale green gummy coffin.
Bewitched Berry: Frau Punkinstein's least favorite.  It looks like it should be grape, but it is not and the flavor is nothing outstanding.  Again the cherry ooze is a sweet addition to the berry.

So that's Gummy Vampires in their "4 Wicked Shapes".  Now that I have had them I can say I prefer the "3 Wild Shapes" of the Gummy WereWolves to the 4 Wicked Shapes of the Gummy Vampires.

Whichever you prefer they are both fun little pre-Halloween treats to keep you happy during the summer months.

Until the event, keep your pumpkins lit.

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