Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My house is (probably) haunted

I think my house is haunted.  If not my house then the land upon which it stands.  My house and the house beside ours are built on what was once farm land.  The old farm house burned down and since that time the land has been purchased, parceled and new construction has been placed upon it.  My house is a corner lot as well.
Last year's decorations.  I'm just establishing location here, I haven't put up this year's decorations.
When we moved in we noticed strange black marks around the outlets in the walls, but the electrical checked out okay.  Then the fans kept getting switched from 'summer' to 'winter'.  You know, the little switch that controls the direction of airflow, well it kept moving despite our (Frau Punkinstein and I) not flicking it.
Then after a time of hearing noises, dealing with flicking switches and such, things got weird.  Milk spoiling, food spoiling, animals responding to unseen stimuli, that sort of thing.  Frau Punkinstein was most uncomfortable around the attic.  I warded the attic and we did some rituals and prayers and such and finally all was quiet.
Be that as it may, Frau Punkinstein and I tend to...attract things.  Our gifted friend once identified two entities, one definitely malevolent (I took care of her already).  So a few weeks ago all the electronics in the house started going wonky...

Things have been quite for a week or so, but as the seasons change we usually see more weirdness, so I'm getting prepped, if you know what I mean.

Keep your pumpkins lit...I sure as heck will. 


  1. Ouija board might be necessary. I say this half jokingly. Ouija boards have always been fascinating to me, yet I fail to believe in them.

  2. An intriguing suggestion. I have a few tricks up my sleeve still as well.