Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is this HALLOWEEN CITY?

Following up on a tip from Rob and Theo, I headed up to one of our Chesapeake Square minimall sections to see the new Halloween storefront that will open soon.  When Rob called it "Halloween Town" I expected a Spirit Halloween or Halloween Express, both having put up seasonal stores in our little corner of Tidewater in the past several years.
What I saw was a logo on the storefront that read:

What is this?
Naturally I had to find out more...
Only the cloud, or the interwebs, and 3 demons, Balshegor, Hathnepsur, and Tommy could provide no information either.  I did find their webpage:
But proved to be slightly less full of useful information than a State of the Union Address.

Obviously it is a Halloween store, and the website says they are MY costume superstore.  Well, "Your Costume Superstore" so I assumed it was directly sent to me.  I could be wrong.

I love finding a new Halloween store and seeing the leased, but empty, storefront means that it's all coming together.  Yay.
But I want to know more about this company.  I can't find any background info.  I must know.

If anyone out there has some info, please share it with me.  Pretty please with a severed head on top.

Until next time, keep your pumpkins cool and watered.

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