Friday, September 28, 2012

Yes, I did just listen to Josie Cotton

What a day.
I realize that soon I will need to actually post some holiday horrors and such, being that the season is nigh upon us, but today I felt a bit odd.  Off.  Not bad, just not my normal feeling.  This was probably because I knew I had a 4 hour conference call coming up from noon to 4, but then it was over by 1.  That throws everything off.

On the one hand (the right hand) I've been very concerned about wizards of late.  Like all week.
On the other hand (the sinister one) I've been having the weirdest songs running through my head all week.  I can't listen to music at work due to diverse reasons that I shall not reveal.  I have been listening to a novel in my car.

So I got home and thought, "You Tube!" then I listened to "Johnny Are You Queer?", which lightened the mood a bit.  Of course then it is a slippery slope into the 80's innit? (Some of you youngsters might not know what I am talking about; sit down in the rockin' chair and I'll tell you a tale of the gawdam 1980s)

Where does it end?  Am I to end up in some sort of Pat Benatar  binge?
Will I Devo?
Is Oingo Boingo in my near future?
I mustn't Flock.  I mustn't.

Sometimes the metal just leaves me.  I am bereft of Metal.  Sometimes I've no grease and I don't feel like the sounds of twang.  Let's face it, I have to surf the New Wave, no matter how old it is.


(E.G. Daily, by the way.)


  1. Sounds like you're in the mood for The Residents?

  2. Can't say I know them. Fortunately it has passed. The 80s is gone from here.