Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brownie Pumpkins

Yesterday I purchased a box of Little Debbie's Brownie Pumpkins, shown below:

They are new this 2013 Halloween season.  Last year we say Brownie Bats, which are the normal LD brownies sans nuts but cut into bat shapes with a chocolate icing stamped with bat features.  The Brownie Pumpkins are similar to the Bats in that they are the usual brownie sans nuts but cut into pumpkinesque shapes and decorated with an orange colored stamped icing.  The previous years' fall harvest brownies (with multicolored bits) have not appeared.  I've also seen fall versions of the classic Tree Cakes so popular at Yuletide.
TASTE: They are good, as they are LD brownies.  The icing is merely orange colored, having no orange flavoring.
APPEARANCE: As you can see above, they look like jack o' lanterns, and that's a winner in my book.
PRICE VALUE: You get 5 per box and my local Food Lion sells a box for about $1.69 right now.  That's not bad.
COMPONENTS: While tasty and fun, these Brownie Pumpkins are unsuitable to use as a material component in any spells that normally call for pumpkin or the souls of the damned.

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