Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Busch Gardens Pulls Heads Off Howl O Scream Display

Essentially some fake heads in a pirate Halloween display upset some visitors who felt it was insensitive given the recent, very publicized events of ISIS.


Jeers to Busch Gardens for pulling the heads and boo to them for apologizing.  It's a Halloween decoration.  It's not like somebody was in there cutting off heads while declaring a bloody jihad.  I take offense at half the shit that comes on television, but I don't think there is a big insensitive agenda at work.
What does sensitivity have to do with a Halloween display?

First they dumbed down the scares at Howl O Scream because kids were getting scared.  Boo fecking hoo, it's Halloween.  They tell you that it might be too intense for small children and don't scare the scary stuff until 6 PM, but some bloody parents want the WHOLE DAMN PARK FOR THE WHOLE DAMN DAY AND NIGHT and their little itty dumpling darlings might get scared.


To the "action group" that raised the ruckus that got the display pulled: Fuck you.  Don't fuck up everybody's good time just because you got some sand in your vajayjay.

To Busch Gardens: Fuck you for capitulating.  That's how terrorists win.

Light your pumpkins for freedom!

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