Sunday, September 20, 2015

Trick 'r Treat 2

Some people don't like sequels.  I do like sequels if they don't suck, but not everything needs a sequel.  Too often I see sequels that never needed to be made.
Micheal Dougherty has announced and discussed, a bit, what to expect with Trick 'r Treat 2, a film that NEEDS to be made.
Because, as we have established in the past, I love Sam!

I don't have many details, for there are not many to go on, but we are possibly looking at an anthology of four stories set in different time periods tracing the Halloween holiday itself, origins-wise, and Sam's influence in it.
As I noted in my post linked above, Sam is, as far as my scholarly mind is concerned, the spirit of Halloween itself in all its myriad forms.  I'd like to see some Sam variations in this anthology, especially if we are going back to an ancient story.  Perhaps Sam was much larger and different back then.  We know from the first Trick 'r Treat film, in the segment The School Bus Massacre Revisited, that in 1977 when the bus full of special needs children is being driven to the quarry that Sam was on the side of the road watching it go by, and he looked then as he did in the current stories (2007 was the date of the film, but let's just call it modern and be done with that), exactly.  So the Sam of the modern age is a childlike creature, placated by candy and following the rules of his sacred night.  Was Sam always this way?
Was he once a Puckish creature, more fae than demonic or perhaps was he once a fae of the unseelie court, more majestic in form but still a fright of sorts?  There are so many ways it could go and footie pajamas aren't necessarily appropriate for a story set hundreds of years ago if such a story were to be told.

As long as it is Sam, I'm good with it.  If it holds up to the quality of the original, I'm happy.

As for when we will see this gem...nobody yet knows.

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