Friday, September 25, 2015

Oh the Horror...the Horror

Stocking masks.
They are a bit weird.  See, a normal mask covers the facial features of the wearer, which can make them look a bit odd or bulky, but at least they keep their shape.

And then there is this...

Yes, that's me, in a Jack O' Lantern stocking mask I found at Party City.
See my nose poking the stocking out a bit too high?
Well I didn't have a mirror handy to situate it, but I did want to see how it would look on my head.  It looks sad.  Just sad.
I weep.

This is an example of why I would never wear a Morphsuit, by the way.  I am not what you'd call "ripped".  Morphsuits leave nothing to the imagination.  Much like this mask, which was near the Morph masks on the shelf, the fabric of the Morphsuit clings to your body tightly, but not in a slimming way.  More in an embarrassing way.
I thought I had taken a picture of myself in a similar stocking mask with a green skull print, I'm not really good with the mobile phone and the camera, completely unbeknownst to me, was flipped around for selfie mode, but I was thinking it was not in selfie mode so I had the lense the wrong way round.
Got some interesting shots of the shelves, but nothing to write home about.

Or text home about, for you kiddies out there that don't know what an actual letter is.

Seriously, look at the shape of my melon.  I look like Sloth from the Goonies.

I suspect that even if I did situate it properly my massive fro and chubby cheeks would completely distort the noble pumpkin out of anything even remotely resembling spooky.

The Horror...

Oh, and you can totally see my skull ridges too.  Stupid mask.

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  1. Lemme splain. I have horns.
    I've had them at least since high school, when I got concerned about them and went to a doctor. After some tests it was determined that they were not a problem, but there they are, two little protrusions on my skull that are probably, um, horns. Like I said, Linus from Peanuts shaped head.