Tuesday, November 9, 2010

InAction Figures in Action: 2 Foots Firmly In Place...

1 for the balls, 1 up the arse!

Today I want to talk about an InAction Figure I quite admire made by Reaper Miniatures (great website, go check 'em out): Jonas Kane
I purchased the first and second iterations of Jonas Kane a few years back, and managed to paint them both (I have since lost them, long story that I am not likely to tell), but I never managed to acquire the third version.
The first was called Jonas Kane, Vampire Hunter.  This was a very nice miniature:
Righteous fury personified
Here we see what appears to be a holy warrior, given that he wears a breastplate.  The unadorned cross upheld and the open book, coupled with the facial features (open mouth, intense eyes) suggests that Jonas in in the midst of casting out demons or rebuking the undead.  On his right hip you see a mallet and beneath it, not visible in the picture are stakes.  All in all, this was a good miniature that was easy to paint, as I recall, and full of excitement.

A few years later Reaper produced an updated Jonas Kane:
If the first meant business, then this one is working overtime
Now we see a Jonas Kane that is more warrior and less holy man, but still committed to his iconography.  The holy cross has been traded in for a pike that is clearly a cross plus, that is a cross cum halberd.  We can just imagine Jonas transfixing some poor bloodsucker on the end of his pike while spouting a prayer then beheading the fiend with his trusty sword.  Jonas has added greaves (adorned with crosses, as you can see) and a codpiece (just smart in any event) and still carries the mallet and stakes.  Jonas has not stopped in his righteous fury, as we can see the mouth is still open in a cry of fury and the eyes show determination.

The most recent Jonas Kane, called Jonas Kane, Undead Hunter (note the scope expansion to cover ALL UNDEAD) can be seen below: (Image from Reaper Website, painting NOT done be me)
"Taste my armored boot, in your rotted arse, unclean fiend!"
Now that's InAction IN ACTION!  Marvel at the static kineticism of the sculpt.  Jonas still wears the hooded cloak he has sported since his first appearance, but now he is clad in plate armor from boot to neck, gauntlets and all.  The sword is aflame, no doubt in holy fire and in his left hand he swings a censer, perhaps full of sacred, blessed incense...or patchoulie or something foul like that.  Particularly well done, I believe, are the details.  Our hero stands atop this pile of stones, looking out over a sea of undead (I imagine), or has he retreated here after hours of battle to catch his breath?  The undead crawl relentlessly up to their dooms, but our hero has taken a breath, lit his sacred censer and is about to commence with a high holy arse-stomping the likes of witch no one has seen in this world or the next.  With one foot firmly in the balls of the undead and one firmly up the arse of some vampire groupie, Jonas Kane is one of the greatest InAction Figures I have ever had the pleasure to paint or see.  You just can't get this type of detail and pose combined in a regular, articulated action figure.

Until next time, keep your holy sword lit.


  1. Is this what you want for x-mas? Or am I reading into things LOL