Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nothing Says Equality Like See-Through Heroes!

Take a look at the following two comics characters:
Now you might not know it, but one is a brother man and one is the other man, but you can't tell which.  That's the joyous equality of being a skeleton!

I am very interested in characters in comics that are skeletons, or see-through, or some similar idea.  On the left is Ghost Rider, as portrayed by Nick Cage in the film of the same name.  On the right is Mr. Bones, formerly of Helix and Infinity Inc.
Growing up as a young boy, for I was once a young boy, I was easily drawn in when presented with something "cool", such as skulls, or fire, or hot rods.  Perhaps this explains my immediate interest in Ghost Rider when first I saw him.
The first issue of GR I ever got my greedy little hands on, indeed the first I recall seeing was the one seen below:
Flaming bike, flaming skull, sideshow freaks...what more could a young boy want in a comic?
I freely confess, I have not outgrown my interest in skulls, skeletons and the like.  I've toyed, off and on, with the notion of collecting a database of heroes and villains, characters essentially, that fit within the categories of skeleton, see-through or skull for a face (I'm looking at you Skeletor).
So far I've found:
Ghost Rider
Mr. Bones
Atomic Skull (1 and 2)
Doctor Phosphorus
Blazing Skull
Blazing Skull (Skull the Slayer)

So any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, keep your head lit.

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