Thursday, November 11, 2010

InAction Figures In Action: The coolest thing I have ever seen

Ahoy, shipmates!

Annoying pirate talking notwithstanding, today's InAction Figures post concerns figurines.
Figurines are essentially tiny statues.  Are you holding an action figure, a doll, a miniature or a figurine?
If the item is not articulated it is not an action figure and probably not a doll.
Miniatures include things other than animal and human, such as furniture and automobiles.
Figurines are often larger than "miniatures" (cut the chortling in the back, it is NOT self-evident) as well.

There are a number of companies that produce figurines of all types, some of which are produced for children as playthings, making them toys, but not dolls.

One such company I have mentioned before is Schleich from Germany.  Today I want to feature a few from a French company called Papo (  Papo produces hard vinyl toy figurines of a size suitable for small hands.  These figures fall into many categories, such as 'farm animals' and 'knights'.  Papo has a 'pirate' line of figures including classic pirates such as Captain Hook and Blackbeard.  There are also a number of Fantasy Pirates.  Let us look at a few of them:
Death's Head Pirate

A fine looking figure that seems a combination of Ring Wraith and Pirate.  I appreciate the buckle shoes instead of boots (boots are just too overdone in pirate imagery) and the pepperbox pistol is a nice touch.  The rope belt is a bit Jethro-eque however.

Zombie Pirate
Eye patch is a good call, as are the buckle shoes and the sash.  I take points off for wearing a skull and crossbones hat, but add points for the lace cravat.  Dead, but stylish.

Mutant Pirates-These seem somewhat inspired by the general idea of Davy Jones's crew from POTC:DMC, and include THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Well, he's a fish, right.  Carrying a trident is a little S&M for a fish, but the one good shoe-one damaged shoe is cool and the small octopus on the shoulder in place of a parrot is just too good not to mention.

The walrus is nice, but I feel for him with a hook hand and a peg leg.  Nice coat, nice pants, great sword.  Looks like he means business, mate.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for...THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN:

Mutant Shark Pirate!
Holy.  Shit.
Let's review this thing of beauty.  First it combines two of my favorite things (I know, I have many 'favorite' things, including skeletons, flaming skeletons, werewolves, hot rods, but my friends know, KNOW, my thing for pirates and sharks, so this is AWESOME).  It is just AWESOME.  Yet I must, despite this, attempt to overcome my awe and find the this...SHARK PIRATE!!!
Okay, the boots (despite my previous comments about boots being passe, these work for the figure) are great with the thigh high fold down Francis Drake look.  The waistcoat and blood red cravat are perfectly suited to a shark-man.  The great coat is a nice creamy white, which lends the 'savage killer' of the seas a touch of class (which I believe Old Mr. Whitey truly possesses).  Tooth dagger in one hand and 'fish sword' in the other, makes for a cheeky fantasy touch.  It is clear that the sculptor loved his subject.  This is not some dirty bilge rat, but a gentleman pirate.  Note the 'earring' piercing the dorsal fin (perfect given the lack of external ears on the animal), again lending a touch of class to this Mutant Pirate.  All in all, for coolness,sculpt and execution of design, I give this figure 12 out of 10.  But I might be a bit biased.

Papo's figurines are hand painted, solid and durable.  They are suitable for children but have an appeal to a collector as well.
Oh, and SHARK MAN!

Until next time, dig that shark pirate one more time.


  1. I love the shark, but I certainly don't hate the walrus. I actually like it. Pretty cool stuff, mang.

  2. You like the walrus? I like the eggman. Koo koo ka choo.
    I didn't post the turtle man. He is goofy looking.
    The shark is sublime however.