Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Scary Shit

As I continue to play The Secret World I find more and more great examples of horror stuff.  I should have a better vocabulary.  I should be able to find a better word than "stuff" but honestly it is a good word to describe this collection of oddments.
Here are a few screencaps of some of the creepy things I've encountered thus far:

Jack O' Lantern, a demonic entity that inhabits a pumpkin patch and wreaks his havoc with fiendish glee!

Chainsaw wielding sack-head man!  The overalls, work boots and sack-head crowd evoke the notions of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part II and any number of creepy backwoods serial killer types.  I like this guy because he also has a hat.  The hat really sells it for me.

Another one of this type called a poacher.  Note the shotgun.

Here is one of a very nasty fellow with button eyes on the hood.  I think that is far more disturbing than the hollow empty eyes of the others.

This is a weird-o fish monster thing in keeping with the Lovecraft theme.  Notice the overall crustacean form with claws, but if you look there is a humanesque figure embedded within.  Let your imagination run wild.

A picture of one of the sackheads, which are sometimes called scarecrows being just a scarecrow.  At no point did it jump down and try to kill me.

Finally this picture which is something very Tim Burtonesque.  I don't have any details.  We shot him.  A lot.

Keep your pumpkins lit, Jack-O.

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