Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not so much scary as just messed up...

As I have revealed I have been playing The Secret World online.  I have shared some of the creepy images I have collected of monsters in the rural Maine parts.  I now have some pictures of the monsters from the sea found on the desolate, rocky coastal parts of the island.
The game uses elements of Lovecraft and Norse mythology so far, and these monsters are examples of that.
Tell me that's not Lovecraftian?  Go on, try?

Here is a profile shot of a Deep One.  Yes, I have used the Lovecraft name, but their overall monster name is Deep One, so I am just calling it the way the game plays it.  Fish people from the cold, deep Atlantic.

Here is a close up with Blackbyrd (Frau Punkinstein) shooting it in the fish junk with a shotgun.
A REALLY BIG deep one.  As is the way with all the biggest, toughest monsters in an MMO, he called for help.
I swear he is doing the dance from Thriller.
Oh, she IS a maniac.  A maniac.  On the floor.
Speaking of's a Nordic undead pod-person Sea Witch doing that scene from Flashdance...with tentacles.
And now we see why I call it messed up.  This is an evil naked monster woman with seaweed for hair, or something.  Definite Ring vibe going on in this shot.
Here's the dick...sorry, I mean, this fight was schlong...sorry, Freudian slip, I meant to say it was hard...dammit...penis.
You have to have boss monsters.  It is a rule.  Once you get to the end of a little quest and are beat to crap you have to have an even bigger, rudely shaped monster to shaft you.  Well, it wasn't that hard.

Now that I have degenerated this into sophomoric humor and puns, I think I need to close the post.

Keep your pumpkins lit.

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