Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl O Scream 2013

Scant info on the website:

For the past few years BGW's theme for Howl O Scream has been "The Dark Side of the Gardens" with their eyeball-rose logo and that creepy undead girl.  I assume this year will be the same given the eyeball-rose logo is on the current website.
"Fear has a way of Spreading" it says.
The initial information tells us that it still has the whores, which I am sure will be good for some people but not this punkinhed.
If the fear is everywhere was too intense for children, as many a complaint suggested it was, and the scarezones were implemented to make the place more "child friendly" how is it that whores dressed as nurses is not offensive to parents at all?

Give me scares of spooks and monsters, BG, not of chlamydia!

Meanwhile Hunt Club Farms in Virginia Beach will no doubt be as fun, spooky, and harvesty (well it is a farmer's market) as always with a carnival atmosphere.


  1. Some of the gamer cons have been cracking down on the use of scantily clad booth chicks, with employment down there, apparently those chicks have hired on with BG.

    1. Yeah, thanks for that gamer cons. I am actually missing that Lady Gaga singing jack o lantern.