Friday, July 26, 2013

Tales of Adventure! The Wizards of Morcar

Sometime around 1989-1990 Milton Bradley, in association with U.K.'s Games Workshop, published a modular board game called HeroQuest.  The game was of the classic dungeon crawl type with 1 player controlling the monsters and dungeon and up to 4 players going against him as individual heroes.  It spawned a few expansions as well before it ended its run in the stores.
The basic story is what you would expect from a dungeon crawl: An "evil" wizard named Morcar has his home invaded by 1-4 looting ruffians with no regard for personal property and no proper employment to speak of.
After three years of having his home ransacked, trashed, despoiled, his carpets soiled, his toilets clogged and his servants slaughtered mercilessly (I mean, really, if they are all dead who is going to clean the blood off the walls and floors...not me, mate, I can promise you that.) Morcar hired 4 magically endowed security professionals...THE WIZARDS OF MORCAR!
I'm not sure where the so-called heroes are going what with that being a deadly drop and all.
Not to be deterred the "heroes" used their ill-gotten loot to hire mercenaries to help them in their pilfering of Morcar's summer home in Crookeddick Fell, near the frigid wastes of Coldsnatch Valley.

Take a gander at this quartet of magical destruction, each a master of his own school of magic, at work.


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the wizards at Celtic Pumpkin:
Stay safe, kids.

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