Saturday, July 27, 2013

Howl O Scream 2013 update

Yeah, I bitch.  A lot.  I'm not likely to stop now and it is only going to get worse as I grow older.
courtesy of Seaworld parks webpage
So here we have the entry page for the Busch Gardens-Seaworld Howl-O-Scream events.  As you can see Williamsburg, in the Old Dominion, is still going with the theme started 2 years ago.  I admit the eyeball in the rose has a certain creep factor to it, but honestly it is entirely too vampire chic for my tastes.  Indeed much of the park is Vamp Chic for Howl-O-Scream of late.  I blame Twilight  and The Vampire Diaries, but I can't back that up with hard evidence.  It just makes me happy to blame them.
Tampons, those hapless residents of Tampa, Florida, have a door, cracked open with the 13 on it.  Inviting or warning, you decide.  I have not been to BG Tampa in decades, but their default theme is Africa.  Hot ass Tampa lends itself well to the African theme in my opinion and I was not disappointed in my trips.  Williamsburg does Europe, which sort of makes sense in a loose historical sort of way and Tampa does Africa.
Now on the right we have Sea World San Antonio.  What can we say about San Antonio?  It's in the Independent Federal Republic of Texas and was named for Texas's first cattle rancher Anthony Sandberg.  They have Williamsburg's old Howl-O-Scream logo of Jack (A Pumpkin Man!) and I wonder if they have the old props as well.  Unfortunately clicking the "Visit Site" link takes you to the regular Sea World San An site with no information about Howl.  They are still well within their hot and wet summer events down (and over) there.
It is possible, I suppose, that Jack will pop up from his giant pumpkin to get the party started, but he may suffer heat stroke in the process.
Maybe they will put a cowboy hat on him for local flavor.
As out of place as he will be, I am jealous that they get the old guy and we are stuck with an unimpressive statue of a scary J-horror inspired ghoul girl who doesn't even have the decency to walk about and haunt the park.
Boo to you BG.  Is this the evil influence of Inbev at work?

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  1. This might be our first year at BG Tampa for Howl O Scream. We've done Halloween Horror Nights the last couple years so we have something to compare it to although to be fair, Busch Gardens doesn't have empty sound stages it can build it's houses on for six months in advance like HHN, and instead has to have everything built outside the park and brought in prior to their event. Looking forward to it anyways!