Thursday, October 1, 2015

October has arrived

The first day of October...Autumn began back in 22 September...
I chose the Frankenstein Mask for my Cryptkeeper badge this year, and I promise that will have a bearing on this year's celebrations.
And of course, bloody Joaquin is threatening to force me to evacuate before I can even get started proper.

Bloody hurricanes.

I had hoped for a surprise space pumpkin for the background this year but...

It's been raining for two weeks...I can't get this pumpkin lit.

Send a canoe.


  1. An FB friend in Pennsylvania complained about Joaquin keeping her from a beach trip. I guess that's not as far from you as I may've thought. Plus, hurricanes do cover vast areas. Anyway, after watching Trick r Treat, I'm in the mood to carve jack o lanterns with the kids this weekend.

    1. A bit early is it not? I mean by the time Halloween rolls around Alabama Autumn will have made a mess of those pumpkins, I would think.

    2. Yep, they're rotting. As I mentioned by email, I won't get another opportunity to carve pumpkins with the kids this month. Maybe next year, we'll try the synthetic pumpkins.