Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Rather, How Am I To Know That Is A Ghost?

Please draw your attention to the image below:

Am I being picky?
Well, no.  As I'm always saying you have a very brief span of time to make an impression and you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.  Whether you are at the door begging candy, giving out candy, or at a party getting sloshed, you have to be instantly recognizable.  People don't need to hear a 5 minute backstory where you explain your costume, or worse where you have to show how clever you think you are for making a bad joke.  Remember what we learned last year with the Stranger Things costumes!
Our model is wearing a tattered poncho.  It's just a poncho.  It's not even well-tattered.  This poncho comes with a chain.  Our model is wearing black pants and shoes.  Is this a ghost that is into separates or are we to ignore her legs entirely?

Yeah, is that what we are supposed to see represented?
Okay, that would be okay.  Not good, not bad, just okay.  It's decent.  

Now go back to the top picture.  How are we to know she's a ghost and not just, well, a fashion victim?

Keep your pumpkins lit...maybe it will keep this sort of travesty away from your porch.

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