Saturday, October 27, 2018


This costume is not good by any means...

But at least you get a basically complete costume for your money.  A very common problem with costuming, and I believe I have mentioned this before, many times, is that the picture on the web page or in the catalog and what you get are two different things.  To be sure, the companies are honest about this.  They list what you get for your money in the item descriptions and even upsell you with suggestions to make it look like the picture.  On the other hand, much like food modeling, this is still modeling.  Professional makeup, lighting, and models are used to sell the product.
In the example above most of what you see is what you get.  You will need to do your own white facepaint and if you really MUST go all Johnny Depp with the wig and beard that's on you, but you don't need to do that.  This means that you get a decent outfit that works as pirate or colonial gentleman ghost.  70 bucks and for another 30 you can trick it out as you like.  It's not false advertising.

Unlike this crap.
With this weirdo Jacob Marley rip off you get only the hat, the jacket, and a scarf.  If you want the ridiculous facial hair and wig you have to provide that, and the jacket's attached waistcoat is too long and full.  It is crap and what you save compared to the above you will spend to finish the costume, and then some.  

Get a sheet.  Cut some eyeholes in it.  Viola.

Keep your pumpkins lit.

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