Sunday, October 3, 2010

Costumes in Progress

The wife and I went Halloween shopping last week to get costume supplies.  My lovely wife is going to be a sort of Voodoo Priestess thing which, given her choice of makeup (heavily skull influenced) should be quite nice.  Two years ago we did a charity haunted house and she went as a classic Wizard of Oz style, green faced, long nosed, pointy-shoe witch.  Coupled with her uncanny ability to do the laugh from said Wicked Witch of Oz, it was awesome in the correct sense of the word.
Scary as hell when I was trying to drive to the event location as well.
My werewolf attire was not so frightening.

Last year there was little money available so we went with the 'creativity' route, which essentially means go through your closet and supplies to find a costume.  We did purchase some makeup, but I had an allergic reaction to it, which is the least cool thing that can happen to you on Halloween.  It's worse than going trick or treating and only getting religious tracts and floss in your bag.

Here are the supplies for this year, so far:

Voodoo Priestess Supplies for the wife

Punkin Head mask for me

Face front, Jack, my boy!

Somewhere there is a Phantom Jack O Lantern photo but I don't know where.
She says I will be a summoned minion, but I think the spirit of the Celtic Pumpkin is more than Voodoo Lady can handle.  We shall see.

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