Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cucurbit Rhinoplasty

Well, not really.

Tonight was pumpkin carving night!
Ah, the traditional carving of the Jack O' Lantern (Celtic Pumpkin Halloween Ritual #13, not on the previous short list {see 'Rituals' post from earlier this month}).  This is a very important ritual, for the connection between mortal and produce is a tenuous one at best.
Frau Punkinstein had chosen her pumpkin weeks ago, as had I.  Her's was a tall, majestic spheroid with a wickedly curved stem.  My own choice was shorter and more oblate with a truncated stem, but it spoke to me.
So we deliberated and stared at the blank orange surfaces for a bit.

Then the cutting.  Now Frau Punkinstein is methodical.  She carefully lays out the cuts with a Sharpie, even the lid pattern.  I am less methodical at first, plunging the knife into the top to remove the scalp, pulling it free to reveal the stringing pulp-guts within...
How to spot your faithful blogger when presented with two very similar things...look for the Jewfro

Then, once scooped clean, I take the marker and see what face shall be revealed from my mystic gourdkin.  This thing must serve double duty after all, protecting my property and guiding my ancestors home.
My pumpkin has herpes...which is interesting because...well let's not go into that...

A wicked grin begins to form...
The beloved Frau Punkinstein, always comfortable holding a sharp object...

Meanwhile Frau Punkinstein has prepped and begun the ritual evisceration of the fruit...
Frau Punkinstein enjoys this too much methinks...

I should take a moment here to stress how important all of this really is.  The carving of the Jack O' Lantern is one of the older, albeit somewhat changed, traditions we have for the holiday.  Yes, it is no longer a turnip.  Yes, it seems a lark, but this is one of the older traditions and we keep it, more or less, what it was.  This one even gets to keep the Irish name, ferfecksake.  Treat it proper and it will treat you proper.  Respect the pumpkin.
Knowing what I know about who inspired the forthcoming Jacko...this is just disturbing

Sod off!  I'm not ready yet.

After much work we have our sacred guardians revealed:
A hazy snapshot of the twain caught in the flash and unprepared

All lit up...heh

And finally a pair of close up solos pics of the guys:


So that's the pumpkin carving sacred rite of Halloween write up done then.  With the grand event just days away I hope you all take the time to ritually scarify a vegetable right proper and as always, keep your pumpkins lit.

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