Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond

People keep misspelling my name at work.  Herr Punkinstein is, as you might suspect, a nom de plume, a nom de guerre, a pseudonym.
This has nothing to do with today's post.  Well, sort of.
I dig graves; know what I mean?
Hollywood Cemetery

In Richmond, Virginia there is a very nice cemetery called Hollywood Cemetery that was designed in 1847.  Built among hills, the many tombs and gravestones are tiered.  It is quite nice with a lovely view of the James River because the dead get nostalgic for the water as much as the living.  Among the residents of Hollywood Cemetery are former US Presidents James Monroe and John Tyler.  My wife and I took a short drive through it last year and took some pictures.  We plan to take a longer tour when time permits.

This marker is designed to resemble a dead tree.  This is either appropriate or depressing, I'm not sure which.
I am not advocating breaking local or state laws and suggesting you spend your evenings among the halls of the dead on Halloween.  I don't see much point as the dead will probably be dropping by your house anyway, so do leave a light on, won't you?  I am suggesting that cemeteries are creepy fun and interesting places to get your spirit up for Halloween.  Also there are cemeteries that do ghost walk tours, if you can find them, and those are quite nice as well.

There are locked gates on these.  What are they trying to keep in?

As always, be respectful when you visit the cemetery, lest something take offense and follow you home.

And remember to keep your pumpkins lit.

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