Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party at Punkinhaus

Frau Punkinstein and I had the Halloween Party on Saturday the 30th rather than on the Night itself.  This was for simple reasons of practicality.

Below are some pictures of the 'before' set up and a few from the party.  I'm afraid that I am woefully technically inept, which means that several pictures I took simply did not come out at all.  Either that or were so blurry as to be impossible to view without pharmacological assistance.

Spider infested tree-backside

The sacred bonfire, pre-lit.  I freely admit that I had to call on the God Of Rock, who happened to attend the party, to get it going.  Which is just awesome when you think about it.

The front side of spider infested tree...note the creepy egg sac

The unnamed spirit that haunts the corner...much spookier in the dark

Darrin Stephens...our ghost.  This is a great effect and well worth the investment.  The grave spews fog as well.

Unladen food tables...

Facade of house.  Note the witch in the black robe.  Chauncey has been roaming more often, as evidenced by the lean he sports and Rupert (his crow) seems more bedraggled of late. 

Frau Punkinstein, in full Seer Form being menaced by the one, the only CELTIC PUMPKIN!

The Church sends its best and brightest to save the party

And yet the CP lives on!

That was how it started faithful friends.  The thing I had felt menacing the house turned out to be me.  Once manifested fully the party could begin and begin it did.

What will come tonight I wonder?

Now more than ever...keep your pumpkins lit.

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  1. Oy! I had a good time. Though, as always, a party at your house means de-smoking my clothing, but that's what bon fires are for, non? I know my wife got too drunk to stand up, but I blame the sangria. I've never seen that happen unless hard liquor is involved. Thanks again for expending the effort.