Monday, August 19, 2013

Cruisin' In the Truck Circa 1995

Way back in the 20th century before everyone had an iPod and half of us didn't have a CD player in our ride there was a certain theme to the cab of a Southern Boy's pick up truck.  I remember it well despite the haze of years and my forced incarceration in Maine.
Way back then every Southern boy with a truck had a set of cruisin' tapes or CDs depending on his wealth level that were standard, by which I mean, redneck standard for the truck.
Here then is the redneck Southern boy truck cruisin' collection:
1. Garth Brooks-At least No Fences but could include his original self-titled release.  "Friends In Low Places" you see, was a standard.
2. Hank Williams Jr. Greatest Hits
3. AC/DC- Back In Black, I shit you not, rednecks love that album.
4. Randy Travis Greatest Hits Vol 2.  I don't know why Vol 2 and not Vol 1.  It's just one of those things.
5. Beastie Boys- License To Ill, it was by no means a new album by this time but it was apparently a law in Alabama that you had to have it.
6. A boy band.  This one varied as boy bands came and went like a fart in a windstorm but every good Southern redneck boy had a boy band tape on hand.  See Southern boys are cunning.  They hunt, they fish, they make Yankees think they are stupid to get out of having to do any actual work.  This hunter's training and animal cunning is why a boy band album was in the truck.  The point of cruisin' was exactly like huntin'...they were chasing tail.  The boy band album was bait for the ladies.  Pretty slick.

Ah memories...
Okay, I didn't own a truck, but my buddy did...


  1. I drove a truck... And it didn't even have FM radio or a tape deck. Just AM radio, a rifle rack, a winch, a toolbox and rust holes everywhere. It wouldn't go over 55 MPH, only got about 7 miles to the gallon, and weighed approximately as much as an aircraft carrier, so my Dad figured that I would be as safe as a vehicle could make me and at least I couldn't go very far. Ah, I miss that truck.

  2. Ah memories. We never forget that first ride, do we? Even if it happens to catch fire while you are driving it through the neighborhood.