Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Official

With a little over two months until the grand holiday my switch has OFFICIALLY been flipped to the "ON" position.
I tried to hold out to at least see August end.
Damn you, Face Off and your Future Frankenstein episode.

So let's get a few things straight right damn now, my friends.

1) I do not have ADHD.  I have OCD but I flip through my OCD topics at a rapid pace so it just looks like ADHD.

2) I am officially PRO-MONSTER.  That's right.  The Celtic Pumpkin and its sole proprietor Punkinstein are officially PRO-MONSTER.  I watch horror movies to root for the monster.  

3) Except for vampires, which I despise.  In those cases I am rooting for the vampire hunters.

4) I endorse Vincent Price as the Patron Saint of Halloween.  I had already determined that Saint Vincent was the patron saint of Self-Referential Humor so just add this to his portfolio.

5) I named Peter Cushing the Patron Saint of Vampire Killing years ago.  That has not changed.  He kept Darth Vader on a leash.  He blew up Alderran.  He kicked Dracula's ass many times.  He once used a windmill as a cross.  What more do you need?

6) Except around Christmas I am pretty much always in monster mode.

7) I consider Sci-Fi the separated conjoined twin of Horror as a genre.  You see where Horror is all about anxiety and fear, Sci-Fi is about hope for the future and anxiety and fear of the future in equal measures.  Sort of a twisted yin-yang thing.

8) Plan 9 from Outer Space is a good movie.

9) I am obsessed with pumpkins.

10) Sam from Trick 'r Treat is a personal hero of mine.  I love that little guy.

All of these things are likely to be seen at any given time on the Celtic Pumpkin in what seems to be a mad ADHD spiral, but is in fact just part of the whole CP grand design.

So while I might not stick strictly to a Halloween theme in every single post from now into November, know that I am always thinking about it.  Pumpkins and all.
I sort of want to be more scholarly about Halloween this year but I know me and the temptation to humor is just too strong.  

So stay turned for all the pumpkin lighting, costume critiquing, horror movie reviewing fun, my brethren and sistren.

And let's get those pumpkins lit.