Monday, August 18, 2014

Critical Save Versus Corporate Influence

I like to think myself above certain corporate influence.  For example I watch commercials but I rarely remember what they are for.  I really don't much care.  I like what I like and for the most part I am just not the demographic for advertisers.

And then the Halloween season rolls around and I find myself unable to resist anything with seasonal packaging.

Which explains why I bought the item below at PetSmart yesterday.
It's for the dog.  That makes it okay.

Yes, those are dog biscuits.  I have a dog.  He likes biscuits.  (Okay, he likes cat shit too, but I'm justifying here) There is Halloween packaging.  Yes, I bought them.

But he can't have them yet.  Not until at least September.

Damn you, corporate devils!


  1. Have you been tempted to try one?

  2. But of course. I still might, but I mustn't bring them out of the cupboard until at least September. I also bought the kitty litter in the Halloween box.