Sunday, August 24, 2014

Howl O Scream Williamsburg 2014

This year Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has a new theme for Howl O Scream.  This theme is called Cursed and replaces the Darkside of the Gardens, which was the theme for the past 3 years if my memory serves.

I was not, you might recall, overly impressed with the Darkside theme.  The over-reliance on Scare Zones, which simply meant that the patrons could choose to walk through a monster filled area or walk around it made it very kid friendly.
I don't do kid friendly.
I don't dislike children and indeed I like a light-hearted Halloween experience very much.  A trip to an Autumn harvest festival with pumpkins and a hayride is a fun thing for me.  Before 6 PM the park is merely a festively decorated theme park with rides and souvenirs.
After 6 PM it becomes scary.  Or rather it threatens to do.  We shall see.  They use Terror-tories, which I assume to be rather like the Scare Zones of previous years.  They claim they have actors ready to jump out at you, and I hope they do.  I do so miss the year that the scare was everywhere and no place in the park was safe, not even the toilets.
Or maybe that was just me that happened to.

Here's a few pics downloaded from the website.  They provided nice desktop backgrounds this year.  That's quite new and a nice feature.  Only took them 10 years to get with the internet on that one.

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