Sunday, January 17, 2016

Even More What Is That Wizard Doing!

Again we are skipping a book since book 9 has zero Wizard or Warrior on the cover.  Book 10 features them both in a tale called Tournament for Terror!  Yes, FOR.  Not OF.  I just want to be clear about that.
I don't know if this is some sort of charity tournament for the condition of terror, like a telethon FOR muscular dystrophy, or if there is a visiting guest to the kingdom that happens to bear the Terror or what, but there is a tournament FOR it.  The title demands it.
So let's have a look at the picture:

And let us ask the ever-popular question: What is the Wizard doing?
You know, when you see fantasy art featuring wizards they are generally in the act of something really magical, like casting a spell, or posing in front of a storm while a dragon flies behind them.  The point being that in order to express their subtle and terrible magics, the artist needs to provide some vague spellcasting notion.  A warrior can pose dramatically holding a battle ax or a massive sword, but wizards standing around holding a wand tend to look like cross-dressers.
So we get these action scenes.
Here the Wizard is...
Well there's this horse, see?  And the horse is about to double hoof smash the Warrior so the Wizard is helping his friend by...?
There are sparklies, dammit!  Streams of sparklies, similar to the smokey magic when the Wizard faced the zombie king in the Castle of Ravencurse, only more focused.  And he has his mouth in that shouting pose.  So either he's saying the spell, or more likely he's shouting encouragement to his companion.  He's saying, "Fear not, friend Warrior!  I will cast Balboa's Belligerent Basher upon you to strengthen your swordarm, although it will reduce your language capacity to single syllable words, I'm afraid."
Well, that's my part done.  I'll just move out of the way and let you get us the XP.  Good job, you.

Red and purple really seems to be his favorite outfit.  I wonder why he's pictured in green on the title plate?  Maybe that's what it looks like when YOU play the Wizard.  Maybe all this time the cool red and purple has been when YOU are playing the Warrior.  In which case that's just rude.

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