Monday, September 19, 2011

Boney Banjo Player

K-Mart.  There, I said it.  I'm not proud.

We went to K-Mart Sunday just to see what sort of Halloween goodies might be on the shelf and found the little gem you see below:

Yes, it is a skeleton, sitting on a tombstone, holding a banjo.
Now lest you think, "Why, that's quite nice, but it could be much better, couldn't it?" I must relate that it plays music.
It plays Dixie whilst "strumming" the banjo.
Feast your eyes and ears upon the evidence below:

How's that for your pre-Halloween entertainment?  (Elizabeth the "Spooky Kitten" is a bonus feature of Punkinhaus and does not come with the actual item)

Until next time, keep your pumpkins lit.


  1. Full credit to Kat for wanting it. Even though it creeps her out.

  2. I missed out! They didn't have any of those at out local K-Mart.. I don't usually go there but they had a pretty nice selection of Halloween goods.

  3. Mark, that is a shame. Perhaps another K-Mart...

  4. HA! I love it! You know it might be worth a lot of money one day. Today's Dollar Store Halloween junk is tomorrow's vintage Halloween collectibles! I now have two Dollar Store Halloween snow globes...well, one is a replacement for the one my cat pushed off the mantle last year so...Beware of Spooky kitty!

  5. Cats will do that. It's like they are operating on an aesthetic that would put a New York art critic to shame.

  6. know what Herr Punkinstein? I thought I had hit up every store here in FL that had any possibility of stocking Halloween merchandise. But I FORGOT about K-Mart! I forgot that K-Mart even existed until I read this post! Most of ours our long gone down here....but there is one lone hold out that I think is still there. Now I have somewhere to go tomorrow....thank you! Banjo playing Skeleton is just bizarre enough to garner my attention.

    And I agree that if you keep that baby 'MIB' (mint in the box) for another 20-40 years, one of your relatives may have a treasure on their hands to carry in to that 'Antiques Roadshow' for an appraisal!:o)

  7. Good luck, Wendy. It is rough, these things we do for Halloween.