Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lightning beats Fire: I win

The thing I can't figure out is why all these games I play like DCUO or Champions or anything with a wizard in don't respect the lightning.
Oh, there are plenty, and I mean PLENTY of fire and ice spells and fire spells tend to blow things up pretty good, but dammitall, electricity is awesome.  AWESOME.  As in, fills one with awe.
When the human race was primitive huddling around the cave mouth it was lightning from the sky that struck the tree and inspired worship, not rubbing two sticks together.
Okay, yes, a volcano certainly inspires worship, but I'm not here to talk about liquid hot rock.
So you play these games and fireballs and fire streaks and sparklers and shite are all the rage in offensive power but what about lightning?  What about 'lectricity?
I mean you don't make Frankenstein's monster get up and walk by lighting a fire under his arse.  Well, not initially, maybe after the fact.
Here is the way I see it: electricity can start fires pretty easily.  Lightning does it all the time.  I understand that is how our swamp fire got started.
If you want to make electricity with fire you have to boil something to create steam that moves a turbine that generates some electricity.
I think I've made my point.

Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled holiday ramblings.

Until next time, plug your pumpkins in.

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