Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Season's First PUMPKIN DELIGHT

Oh Yeah
It's on

I came home to a wonderful surprise today
Fuzzy but glorious, the first box sits, virginal and unopened on the dining room table
My lovable wife, Frau Punkinstein had gone out and purchased the first box of this season's OFFICIAL AUTUMN sign, Little Debbie's Pumpkin Delights.
This is my family crest.  I'm not kidding.
That sweet and spicy pumpkin treat, so orange and so fun to eat. (I made that jingle up, but if Debbie is interested, I will sell the rights)
She also picked up a box of Fall Party Cakes.  Enjoyable cake covered in the sweet, sweet icing and candy bits.  Almost as wonderful as Pumpkin Delights.
Sampled already?  Indeed.
This is one of the GREAT RITUALS of the Autumnal/Halloween Season, the first box and first cake.  This could not come at a better time...I confess, I was beginning to get a bit, shall we say, missing the Summer blues?  The pirate in me was thinking about the hurricane this past weekend and how much I enjoy the whole ocean/beach/pirate thing.  Then some cowboys sneaked into my head over at the parents-in-law's house and well, I've got rotating ADHD.  That is to say I like, seriously like and occupy my head, with about 7 things and they rotate.  So at any given moment one of those things is in there, but it is always one of those 7.
Halloween should be that thing right now and with the cooling weather these past few days I hoped it would be.  But it was slipping.
Then came the ritual Delight:
"You expect me to talk, Herr Punkinstein?"  No, Mr. Delight, I expect you to my tummy.
See it?  In all its smiling glory?  That's the cake, prepared for me, especially for me...NOT YOU...for me, by Debbie.  A sacrifice fit to begin the season right.  Halloween, Samhain if you prefer, is a time for mystery, fear, happiness, and rites designed to hold at bay the world of darkness while simultaneously embracing the ethereal world of our departed.  It is a time to prepare for the dead time of year, the Winter, by parading in the garb of death, to take away its sting through humor and joy.  It is a time for enjoying the harvest of the Earth, such as the humble cucurbit we call the Pumpkin.  This is a most auspicious time.  This is a solemn moment, this first cake which is like a Soul Cake in so many ways.

And now, let us witness the glorious eating of the first Pumpkin Delight!
Pumpkin De-light, you been gone to long from this house of me/ Oh get into MY TUM-MY (to the tune of Holy Diver, s'il vous plait)
So nice.

Keep your pumpkins lit and enjoy a Pumpkin Delight tonight.


  1. I think they are lil' 'Soul Cakes' in their own preservative and artificial flavoring kind of way! I love their looks, but not as much their taste sadly. But that will NOT stop me from actually buying these things if I run into them at the grocery store. Nope...I will compulsively put them in my cart and take them home, all because I cannot control my Halloween addictions. I need a 12 step program to be sure!
    May you thoroughly enjoy your Americanized Soul Cakes on this first weekend of September! :o)

  2. So far, so good. I made real soul cakes one year but I couldn't get the mix just right and they turned out disappointing, so I haven't tried again. I think I got the recipe from a Halloween book I read years and years and years (sigh) and years ago.
    I love a blended Halloween traditional and commercial.