Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where have I been?

Where haven't I been would be a better question.

I had to leave town for a week, during which time I was not able to post or keep up with the blogs I follow.  Which is a shame, really.
I'm back now and will get to posting again.
Let me start back into the swing of things by saying that when I arrived back home Friday night Frau Punkinstein had all manner of surprises for me.  On the front porch was a harvest decoration, in the yard a cute little scarecrow.  In the house were a few items (a glowing pumpkin, a pumpkin cat and one of those three tiered pumpkin men that look like snowmen) and fresh from the oven were Halloween cookies.
So that was a very nice way to be welcomed home, since I've been agonizing about not being able to get the decorations out as early as normal due to my travel requirement for work.
Today we discovered some silly Halloween candies which I will profile shortly on the CP.
So have faith, my friends, I've not gotten all lazy just yet.

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