Thursday, September 29, 2011

Haunting the Home: Interior

We've finally gotten some decorations up inside the house.  It has been raining for over a week and the lawn looks like a jungle.  I can't do any real outdoor decorating until I've gotten the lawn mowed down and the edging done, so inside is really all I have at this point.
Technically Frau Punkinstein had a few decorations out when I came home from my northern VA trip two weeks ago, including a cute little Crow Scarecrow in the front garden, but I was finally able to get into the haunted attic, dodge the malign spirit within, and get the Halloween decoration down.
Newly acquired Lord of the Harvest icon
Hanging in place of an Autumn wreath or the screaming wraith door cover is a new acquisition this year.  This item came from Target.  I like it very much.
Stuck to the glass outer door is this gel cling skeleton, who is almost completely not visible in this picture.
Another shot of the Harvest Lord icon, this time with Jelly Bones in front.  This was taken from outside the house.  I wanted a "dancing skeleton in front of a Jack O Lantern" theme.  It is much more interesting "in person".
More gel clings.  This time we have two cute little ghosts, a tombstone and bats superimposed over a full moon.  There are two stars as well, but the kitten ate them.
This shot shows our Lemax Spookytown items the glowing witch silhouette pumpkin and the haunted portrait.  The "portrait" is a lenticular morphing picture of a Victorian (possibly Edwardian) woman who becomes a death's head faced fiend.  The eyes light up and it says creepy things about being trapped.  Very cool.
Close up of the haunted portrait.  The camera has captured the picture at its most SPOOKY.
A better shot of the Spookytown stuff and some other Halloween items.
Close up of Spookytown stuff.  I've never gotten as much Spookytown stuff as I'd like.  What we have is a lovely graveyard scene with the LORD OF THE HARVEST overlooking the action.  And some monsters.  In a convertible.  Probably listening to Jerry Lee Lewis or something.
   More Spookytown.  On the right you see the Haunted Grotto.  Inside is a bedsheet ghost that wiggles and changes color as the light cycles through blue, red, green, purple, and so on.  I really wish that was a clearer pic.
I have no idea what is on the telly
The "rustics" that greeted me when I returned home from my NOVA trip in the middle of September.  I really dig that Pumpkinman.
The window over the kitchen sink normally displays sea shells, faeries and such.  For Halloween it has converted to cats and pumpkins.  More gel clings can be seen sticking to the window.
Kitchen table, bedecked in scarecrow tablecloth, retro placemats and the candle holders, which are really just in a staging area, waiting to be deployed.
And we say goodbye with the very old school Jack O Lantern cutout.  I stuck it to the garage door with sticky tape.  How grade school crafty am I?

I hope to have some outdoor pics to share soon.
Keep your pumpkins lit.


  1. Glad to see that you and Misses P are getting into the Halloween spirit and getting your decorations put out. I especially like your Spookytown graveyard and the Lord of the Harvest who oversees it! And me thinks an overgrown yard might look pretty spooky actually! Maybe you should not mow at all until after Halloween. :o)

  2. There's nothing wrong with grade school crafty! :D

    And I agree with Wendy. An overgrown lawn might look nicely creepy on Halloween night.

  3. I would agree with you both about the lawn save for two problems:
    1. It is so green. Virginia lawns stay green throughout October, which is just not spooky.
    2. Snakes! We live right across from a watersource and basically in a swamp. Snakes in the grass are a real problem here.