Sunday, November 13, 2011

And done

Today has been a day that mixes sadness with exhaustion.  Today I took down the last of the outdoor decorations and stowed them in the attic.
All that remains is Chauncey, his crows, the maize and the Harvest sign.  Whew.  I am sweating.  It is warm in Tidewater today and the attic even more so.

The lingering fall decorations will serve as a happy reminder of the Halloween season as we head toward the gorging season.
All hail the wild boar to come!

Oh, and Frau Punkinstein purchased a bag of cranberries today at the grocer.  We don't do the stuff from a tin.  Not on a holiday, at least.

I kept my pumpkins lit for 5 solid days this year.
Ha Ha!


  1. We've resolved to leave the indoor decorations up till January. Bua!

    My pumpkins are starting to slump over on the front porch. May be time to compost them.

  2. Just found the last empty space in the house in which to squeeze a box of Halloween decs. Now thinking about Creepmas.
    I wish I could reform my husband who associates traditional cranberry sauce with that weird sucking noise of the jellied cranberries slurping out of the tin into the bowl. Not even Martha Stewart could reform this prairie boy!
    Happy Boar Hunting;)

  3. This is getting awfully "Lord of the Flies" up in here...Kelly.
    Art...have you tried to make your own Cberry Sauce and 'sneak it in' on him? Might work once the wonderfully tart taste hits the tongue. That's the key factor. Tinned Cranberry sauce is too sweet by half.
    Manny...I hear ya. Of course in my little corner of the house Xmas is the only time I don't have a Halloween motif going, so it's a bit of a break.