Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deadlands or Ghostbusters?

I am betting that question made no sense to you.
I will elucidate.

Frau Punkinstein and I want to do some gaming with some friends, but we are not sure what to play.  That it will be a Savage Worlds game is almost certain, but which one?  Or will it be a homebrew?
Frau Punkinstein loves steampunk and clockpunk, but has said she is open to anything as long as it isn't sci-fi, flying around in space.
No space pirates then...right.
I am in a cowboy mood thanks to Hell On Wheels and the usual bio-rythmn cycle that brings me around to cowboys at regular intervals.  Deadlands has steampunk, clockpunk, mad science, monsters, zombies, is a western game by default, even has magic.  What more could you want?
Oh, you want a mech fighting against ninja assassins and dragons while a wizard faces off against an eldritch horror and the cleric holds back the zombies?
Yeah, it's got that.  The mech is steampowered, driven by an insane scientist, the ninjas are, well, ninjas, the dragons are either giant gila monsters or sea monsters, the wizard has exploding cards in one hand and a sawn off shotgun in 'tother and the eldritch horror is the spawn of a gigantic worm that lives underground in the desert, and the cleric is a tough-as-nails preacher and he's holding back the zombies (who are undead rail workers) with his righteous faith and a stout piece of hickory. 
Nice, yeah?

But I've also got an idea for Ghostbusters...and it just might work.  The equipment is in the Horror book, and I can certainly whip up a few extras...
So now I don't know.

Could always go superheroes...but is that what people want? 

Have to check with my mate, Will on this one.  But he's pretty much "open to anything" on this point.


  1. See I dig the idea of using SW for Ghostbusters. It demonstrates the flexibility of the Savage Worlds system. I think you should go with that.

  2. I am seriously considering it. I am just not entirely happy with the ghosts. I want some sort of extra rules. Which I am looking into now.