Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Spirit of Halloween Passed

Had to take down some of the inside decorations tonight.
And I had to mow the lawn.
Our Jack O Lanterns have been disposed of.  This is sad, but since mine was starting to look like a toothless old man, it was time.
It is sad, I admit it, but I enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons as well.
I am beginning the transition over to Jul Pumpkin, where I will chart some Yuletide thoughts and ideas.  Not that I won't have things to say on the CP, but it usually becomes more "things that are annoying me" or stuff like that.
Then deep in the winter I will, invariably, forget how hot and sticky summer is, start missing the beach and become PIRATE PUMPKIN, not that I change the name or anything.  I just end up talking lots of pirate bollocks.
So see you on the Jul Pumpkin, I hope and stay tuned for interesting musings here on the CP.


  1. Ah yes, the last of my Halloween decorations were taken down this weekend. Still haven't mowed the lawn though.

    I too enjoy Christmas just as much as Halloween. So I'll likely be keeping up with your "Yuletide thoughts and ideas". :)

  2. Your patronage will be most welcome and appreciated.

  3. I love almost all holidays. I will follow you over.