Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu

Frau Punkinstein has put in the order for the Thanksgiving menu.
Leg of wild boar, venison sausage, some sides.  She does a great cranberry sauce (not from a tin, I assure you).

We have ordered from Broken Arrow Ranch, which you can find at their WEBSITE.
I love the pig.
Piggie piggie piggie, oi!

Just the notion of wild, not raised in the deplorable conditions of the modern pork industry (thank you Britain for that, really), pork fills me with excitement.  The venison is just a bonus.

Now I am an animal lover...but also an animal eater.  It's all circle of life and whatnot.  It's not like the boar is my totem or anything.  But I do love some pig.
I am loving these boots.  I won't lie.
On a side note: Hell On Wheels premieres tonight on AMC.  I'm quite excited about it.  Since I saw the first commercial I have wanted this thing to premiere.  I do enjoy Westerns (and even more Weird Westerns) and this looks a gritty western to me.  Let us hope it does not disappoint.  I'll do a little review when I've seen enough to know.

Keepin' it lit here, boss.

Keep it lit.


  1. Wild boar... sweet idea. Might have to try that some year. I bet that has some celtic origins.

  2. That looks like a tasty leg'o'hog, my friend.