Monday, December 12, 2011

Full decorations!

Finally we've gotten the outdoor decorations up and finished filling out the interior.

Our traditional Christmas cow and her little trees, now joined on a blanket of snow by spiral trees.
We went with a more subdued Candy Cane garland wrap, three lighted wreaths and three big snowflakes.  Frau Punkinstein figured it would be bright enough without adding more strings of lights.

And let's face it, it is.

Frau's industrious and crafty thinking provided this wreath with its decorative look.  Brass balls still visible, thankfully.
Every year we say we want, will get, should have an inflatable yard decoration, either for Halloween, Christmas or both.  This year we went for it.  She loves snowpeople and Home Depot had a reasonably priced 7 footer he is during the day.
Here he is at night.

Two interior views.  On the top you will see our stockings.  One for her, one for me, and a collective stocking for the furry kids (4 cats, 1 rat and 1 dog, so obviously it is the biggest).  We don't have a mantle.  We don't have a fireplace so a mantle would just be an extravagance.  I wish we had a fireplace.  And a mantle.  And lived in a different neighborhood.
And lastly we have Gnomish Santa's Snowperson Posse.  Look at that Santa and tell me there is not gnome blood in there.  These are some really nice snowpeople pieces.  They deserve a mantle.

Keep your Jul Log lit.

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