Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas

Last night, Christmas Eve Eve, I put on Mr. Bean and wrapped presents for 2.5 hours.
Because I had yet to find the time to sequester Frau Punkinstein away long enough to do it.  She read some of The Hobbit (for she watched the trailer the other day and is excited, although it is a year off) and fannied about on her computer while I wrapped.
And wrapped.
And taped.  And watched Mr. Bean.

Then, once the wrapping was done we settled down to view The Nightmare Before Christmas because, let's face it, we are weird like that.
Or so I think.


  1. Hello Hello Mr. & Mrs. Punkinstein! I've been away, drowning in a sea of tinsel, bows and stale Christmas cookies. UGH! But alas, the dreaded season is over, and the new year has begun. I've missed your cleverly twisted humor and writings. Hope you and yours had a great holiday, and that you are not getting snowed in. Have been working hard, so I've had no time to check in on blogs or weather...but it's been hotter than Hades down here in FL. Just the perfectly miserable topping to my least favorite season of the year. BUT...a new year has dawned, and Halloween is just a mere 10 months away...woo hoo, something to look forward to! Just stopping by to say hi while I have a free moment. (Your Christmas Eve celebration sounded fantastic!) :o)
    ~ W

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Wendy.
      Yes, Christmas Eve and Day were very nice. Now we've had quite enough of all this winter nonsense and are ready for planting of crops.
      Florida, oh how I could do with some sweltering heat.