Sunday, December 11, 2011

The lights start coming on...

Here are some of our decorations.  We are adding more (as of this writing we've finished adding them, but suspend disbelief with, won't you?)

Our tree lit
And a better view, in a soft glow...note the Frosty colour change snow globe thingie.  It is motorized to swirl itself as well.  Yay technology juxtaposed with the nature imagery in the background.

Fiber Optic carousel of musical joy.  Literally.  Among the tunes it plays, in rotation, is a portion of the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th.

Snoopy at the piano with Woodstock.  This plays music when the not-so-subtly labeled button is pressed.  Of the tunes it plays is, of course, "Linus and Lucy" which is the classic Charlie Brown song.  Which is odd as Schroeder is supposed to play the piano, but what the hel, the Charlie Brown Christmas special was from 1965, you can't expect kids today to know that.

My Old World green robed Santa.

One of two white robed Winter Wizard Santas!

And the other.

Yes, that is a glass Nativity scene.  Yes the camel is not officially part of it.  I can not prove or disprove the presence of a camel-leopard at the original event.  Perhaps it is a Christmas Miracle!

My wreath has brass balls hanging from it.

Our Rudolph decoration with Santa and the Bumble!

I've more, but that is for later.
Keep your Yule Logs lit.


  1. Nice lookin' tree, but
    Where's de old Jule log?

  2. Thank you, both of you.
    I got no fireplace. I must resort to the Yule Log channel on On Demand on Cox Cable. Tis the suck.