Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kicking off the Xmas Atmos

Greetings, Friends.

Monday night we went out to our usual annual Tree spot, across from the YMCA, where the money for the trees goes to charitable donations.
It scares me to think what Goggles is thinking as she looks at the sacred tree
Here is our little tree, roughly 6 feet and a few inches.  Simple, douglas fir, I think.
Smells good.
Aaaahhhh, a Morlock!  (1960 version, not that shite 2002 version)
Frau Punkinstein also wanted a wreath for the front door, which I agreed would be a nice touch.  Green wreath, red door.  It all comes together.

Decorating began tonight, but it will take several days to get everything together proper.


  1. Love the smell of fresh pine. You have a good start so keep us updated on progress. And watch that cat... it is up to no good I tell you!

  2. And she has partners to help her in her nefarious schemes. It's like a feline rodeo and I'm a clown.