Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Night and Not so Big Night

And so finally it arrived.  Now we had planned for a big Halloween bonfire, as is our tradition, for Saturday the 29th...but it rained on Friday night and Saturday morning and everything was wet and muddy.  So we had to postpone it.
Halloween night we decided to do something a little different.  Rather than sit at home, watching horror movies and getting maybe 6 trick or treaters the entire evening, we headed over the Frau Punkinstein's parents' house to hand out candy and scare children witless.

Here is Frau Punkinstein prior to leaving Punkinhaus.  She is a punk kitty.

Here I am, haunting her parents' house in my modified bedsheet ghost costume.  I've wanted to do a ghost for some time, but I am afraid that I am allergic to make-up and a good ghost is hard to do, I think.  I wanted a basic bedsheet ghost but it needed some more punch, so I procured this "Skull the Unexpected" mask from a Halloween store and these nifty super long boney gloves.  Apparently I scared some kids.  This is good, they need that in their young lives (see Hauntings Scarred Me for Life, previously posted on this blog for details why).

The pair of us ham it up.

The front lawn, wet with rain.  The Jack O'Lanterns glow as the rain falls past Frau's camera.  You can tell it was Frau Punkinstein that took the picture, as it is in focus, looks clear and is lit properly.  We've all seen my efforts in this arena.  The night was not yet over, as after returning home we put in Trick r Treat and spent an evening with my hero (and yours, I'm sure) Sam.

Enjoy this small, well-shot video clip of Frau Punkinstein approaching the front porch, POV.
It's still before midnight and officially this goes on until dawn, so please, for your own sake...keep your pumpkins lit.

Happy Halloween


  1. A most magical Hallowe'en / Samhain to you both Mr. & Mrs. Punkinstein! :o)

  2. A magical Halloween time, sounds like fun was had by all!!