Saturday, October 25, 2014

Aliens and Halloween: Robots

Robots were once a major part of sci-fi and a few of them have been part of horror as well.  Who can forget the deadly Ro-Man?
The gorilla with the television on its head is the robot.
Okay, who can actually remember the deadly Ro-Man?
You are far more likely to remember Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet or Robot B-9 from Lost In Space.  Just trust me when I tell you that robots are important to space and sci-fi media.  Data from ST:TNG, Threepio and Artoo from Star Wars, and the (original) Cylons are all robots (more or less) familiar to pop culture fans.  In the old days (sometimes referred to, by me, as the good old days) robots were very much of the tin can and box variety.  I am tempted to include cyborgs in this as well if for no other reason than to put in a picture of these mad bastards:
Well they LOOK like robots.
Although how cyborg they are is up for debate.  Mutant octopoid-thingie riding around inside a space buttplug armed with a plunger...sounds more like a mech to me.

Robot costumes can be purchased but there are not tons of them on the market.  You could just get a box, some tubing from a DIY warehouse store and some spray paint and make a pretty nifty robot costume.  They aren't very scary, however.  Not even the evil ones bent on the destruction of weak fleshlings.
So how do robots fit into your Halloween festivities?
Well this is part of the whole indulging in your fantasies angle.  Not every person wants to be something traditional or scary for Halloween.  After all, why should a werewolf be traditional to Halloween?  Is it directly related to either Samhain or All Hallows?  Nope, but it is a monster and I've established that link already.  It's spooky and fun.  Fun is the key here.
Some people just like robots.
Now you could get a few bits of circuitry, a little make up and just go out and call yourself a sexbot if that makes you happy, and who am I to judge, but try to make a little effort.  It's only one night a year, after all.

Finally I'd say that robot is really an acting costume.  You don't just put on the robot suit, go to the party and get shit faced.

Unless of course you are this guy.
You play the part.  Talk about yourself in third person.  Call other people "human" and walk funny.  Really play it up.  Enjoy your new, powerful metal body.  Steal old people's medicine.  Go hog wild, it's Halloween.


  1. Dood, nobody beats the Robot Monster!

    1. Some Robot Monster love. Much appreciated.

  2. Daleks are one of my favorites, cyborg or mech or whatever. They're cheesy classic. Seeing ol' Bender makes me want to see if the library has Futurama on DVD. Question: which would you say is the most powerful robot in science fiction/comics/whatever? I'd vote for Gort. Klaatu Barada Nikto, baby!

    1. Gort's pretty powerful. I don't like Futurama though. It's in my Whedon bucket.